Unlimited Monthly Remote IT Support​
Specializing in top-tier remote IT support
Choose the flexibility of our hourly rate for targeted assistance or opt for our unlimited monthly support package for comprehensive care at a predictable rate.
24/7 Monitoring
Proactive oversight to prevent issues.
Proactive Maintenance
Regular updates for peak performance.
Priority Response
Expedited support ensuring minimal downtime.​
Comprehensive Security
Robust protection against cyber threats.​
User Training
Empowerment through knowledge and training.

Remote support excellence

Our remote IT support is designed to offer swift and effective solutions
without the need for physical presence. Here’s what you can expect:​

Instant Connectivity

Connect with our IT specialists in moments for immediate assistance.

Secure Sessions

Your data safety is paramount, ensured through encrypted support sessions.

Global Reach

No matter where you are, our support extends across all time zones.

Versatile Solutions

From software troubleshooting to network configurations, we cover all aspects of IT support remotely.​​

On-site support availability

While our focus is on remote assistance, we understand that some issues require a hands-on approach.
Our on-site support services are available for situations that demand in-person expertise. ​

To find out more about remote support,
send us a message and we'll get back to you.

      wE-1 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R420.00
      wE-2 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R530.00
      wE-3 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R560.00
      wE-4 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R640.00
      wE-5 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R860.00
      wE-6 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R1,210.00
      wE-7 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R1,315.00
      wE-8 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R1,505.00
      wE-9 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R1,685.00
      wE-10 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R2,140.00

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