Endpoint Detection and Response

EDR, or endpoint threat detection and response, is cybersecurity technology that actively monitors devices like mobile phones or laptops to detect and counter potential cyber threats.

why you should be using
end point detection and response.

EDR Security

EDR security solutions track and log endpoint activities, giving security teams the visibility to uncover otherwise hidden incidents.

EDR tools

An EDR tool must provide advanced threat detection, investigation, and response, encompassing incident search, alert triage, and containment.

EDR Benefits

EDR enables real-time incident response, automating threat detection and investigation, reducing the risk of data theft, and saving resources.

why use EDR

As digital perimeters expand, Sentinel One’s advanced EDR ensures proactive cybersecurity, offering real-time visibility, rapid threat detection, and global asset protection.

Improved Detection Capabilities

Artificial intelligence and robust detection algorithms

Superior Local PC Performance

No impact on pc performance.


Reduced Malware Detection Time

Quickly to respond to threats.



makes managed EDRmakes easier on multiple platforms.



based unified management


Reduced False Positives

Fewer false alarms, improved accuracy.

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      wE-1 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R420.00
      wE-2 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R530.00
      wE-3 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R560.00
      wE-4 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R640.00
      wE-5 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R860.00
      wE-6 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R1,210.00
      wE-7 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R1,315.00
      wE-8 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R1,505.00
      wE-9 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R1,685.00
      wE-10 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R2,140.00

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