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Cloud Accounting
Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
Protected by Multi-factor authentication or VPN
Supported Products
Pastel Partner
Offers up to twenty users,
unlimited company licenses
and more
Pastel Payroll
The mobile app allows your employees to access their leave balances and pay slips remotely.
Helps you manage your cash flow, track expenses, send invoices and more all in one place
Omni ERP &
Accounting Software
Automates various processes for improved efficiency, including payroll, invoicing and reporting.
Accounting System
Integrates your sales and service functions for streamlined, end-to-end financial management

Product Features

Superfast Secure Servers and Infrastructure

Fully secure online
access to your data

Daily backup’s when subscribe too

Remote Printing Support 

Firewall, Security and vLan 

Free Setup and Migration 

99.9% Uptime Guarantee 

Month to Month

Cloud Accounting Plans

  • Start-Up

    2 Users

    R 649.00 / Month

    RAM (GB) - 4

    Storage (GB) - 120

    CPU (Cores) - 2

    Operating System - Windows Server 2022

    Remote Desktop Users - 2

    Daily Backups - Yes

    Backup Rentention - 15

    Firewall and Security - Yes

    Free Migrations - Yes

  • SME Standard

    5 Users

    R 1349.00 / Month

    RAM (GB) - 8

    Storage (GB) - 300

    CPU (Cores) - 6

    Operating System - Windows Server 2022

    Remote Desktop Users - 5

    Daily Backups - Yes

    Backup Rentention - 30

    Firewall and Security - Yes

    Free Migrations - Yes

  • SME Advanced

    8 Users

    R 1999.00 / Month

    RAM (GB) - 16

    Storage (GB) - 500

    CPU (Cores) - 8

    Operating System - Windows Server 2022

    Remote Desktop Users - 8

    Daily Backups - Yes

    Backup Rentention - 30

    Firewall and Security - Yes

    Free Migrations - Yes

  • SME Premium

    10 Users

    R 2699.00 / Month

    RAM (GB) - 24

    Storage (GB) - 500

    CPU (Cores) - 10

    Operating System - Windows Server 2022

    Remote Desktop Users - 10

    Daily Backups - Yes

    Backup Rentention - 60

    Firewall and Security - Yes

    Free Migrations - Yes

Why Host your Accounting in the cloud?

With our Hosted Windows Servers you will enjoy all the benefits of a redundant server solution
with multiple entry points into our network, SSD SANS’s, while reducing your monthly overheads.

13 Years building Windows/Linux VPS

We ensure lightning-fast network and server access using 100% enterprise-grade equipment, meeting high-speed demands for optimal cloud software performance. Our speed is exemplified by Samsung’s Guinness World Record for most selfies taken in South Africa in one day. Enjoy quick access to your files, folders, and databases.

Secure Data Access

We manage our entire stack in-house, with CEHs ensuring security and industry-standard practices. Your company manages team access unless using our managed services. We recommend MFA RDP connections or Zero Trust networks. Bring your own IPv6 server—ready since 2018.

Costs of Vendors

Only pay for what you need to for your staff and don’t overspend on expensive server hardware or dedicated I.T support again. Using cloud hosting Everything is monthly Opex costs with no contracts backed up by our own support you can depend on.

Data Backups

Any vendor that says they backup your data runs a huge risk if data is lost in any form or way. Like companies like 365 and google it is a paid service for a reason. It is a guarantee that your backups are functional and works 100%

Remote Printing Support

Printing from your remote server has always been a straightforward process for us. With over 13 years of experience in this field, we’ve mastered the nuances of remote printing. No matter the scenario, printing remains as seamless and reliable as ever.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Find another provider at this price that has a 7 Server Supermicro Cluster running SSD SAN’s and has more than 6 entry points to your server. Always ask. Have a look

Peering DB link
Use the link and replace the 17269 to search for you vendor and compare…

Strategic South African Locations

Our Hosting offering provides you with the lowest latency.
Find more information & test IP’s on our Network Page

Why switch to Cloud Accounting?

With our Hosted Windows Servers you will enjoy all the benefits of a redundant server solution with multiple entry points into our network, SSD SANS’s, while reducing your monthly overheads.

Is there a upgrade path if my business grows?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime, (excluding storage).

What costs are involved?

Our options are based on existing implementations. Our team can customize your accounting solution to your exact needs. Standard plans are viewable.

Monthly versus Yearly Fees

Pay upfront for the year, (yearly), and get one month free.

Your data your responsibility

Your data on your subscribe w-VPS, is your responsibility. Just like any other cloud solution as example windows 365 or Google. The data is stored locally and backed up if subscribed too.

Are there options for AV – EDR?

Anti-Virus or EDR, (Enterprise Detection and Response), application is recommended. Options are ESET or SentinelOne for AV or managed-EDR as a subscription.

What is my VPS server running on?

Supermicro Enterprise Cluster, SSD SAN’s and multiple BGP connections ensuring great speeds and reduced downtime.

Am I limited to certain applications?

Your company can implement any application on your subscribe server which is licensed.

How does the migration process work?

If you have a on-premise server or you are currently hosted with another provider, with 12 years of hosting and migration experience, we have perfected a migration as a service, (MAAS), process free of charge. This has limited to no downtime.

What about my backups?

Options for backups are either VEEAM Server agent that will just backup your accounting data or alternatively VEEAM Backup and Restore for a full server backup which makes a restore much quicker and less costly. Cold Storage is charged per GB

Remote Desktop Services

Multi Factor Authentication is provided free for companies with 10 users or less.

Alternatively P2P VPN or SDWAN/PTP Firewall.

All backups are stored in a alternative location from where your server(s) are hosted.

How secure are your Windows Virtual Servers (w-VPS)?

Our team controls our entire stack outsourcing only the IPT (Layer 2). This enables security from the perimeter all the way to your w-VPS.

Is it easy to connect to my w-VPS??

Remote access to your w-VPS server to facilitate remote work from your office or home environments will be setup.

Our w-VPS is different

Your server is hosted on a 7 Enterprise Supermicro Server host cluster with Enterprise SSD SAN’s priced for SME’s

Remote Desktop Protection

All incoming RDP connections are scanned at the core perimeter layer. Any continuous login attempt failures are monitored from all x6 entry points to our network.


With Direct Peering with Microsoft and Google out of 4 different locations allows super-fast integration into your accounting applications hosted on your server.

Super-fast network

Technolutions uses NVIDIA GPU’s since 2018 for off-loading of all our network routing across South Africa at all of our locations where we have break-out.

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      Total Price: R420.00
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      Total Price: R530.00
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      Total Price: R560.00
      wE-4 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R640.00
      wE-5 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R860.00
      wE-6 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R1,210.00
      wE-7 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R1,315.00
      wE-8 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R1,505.00
      wE-9 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R1,685.00
      wE-10 Price Breakdown
      Total Price: R2,140.00

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