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    Secure Mailbox Solutions

    Email fraud is a reality, don’t let your company identity and money get stolen – Technolutions has a solution for you. Receive the benefit of convenience and safety for your business; have simple and stress-free email service, with no surprise expenses, when you sign up for a Mailbox through us.


    We’re here to make life easier for you, and we do this not only by providing top quality service but also through a simplified planning process and a predictable monthly cost. We eliminate server upgrade costs with email that scale to support your business growth; allowing a hassle-free work experience with your email.

    The added benefit of securing your Mailbox with us:
    • 25GB mailbox size
    • Syncing across any device and platform, including calendar and email syncing
    • TLS Encryption
    • 120-day deleted retention policy
    • Management of patches, updates, and back-end upgrades to ensure your mailbox is efficient, fast and secure
    • Advance Spoofing Strategies
    • Advance Perimeter Anti-Virus / Anti Spam
    • E-mail Authentication
    • With SPF (send mailer through recognised DSN entry – not spam)
    • Precautions Against Ransomware
    • ESET Cloud AV
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