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    Remote Support Packages

    With rising fuel costs there is no reason to have an engineer on-site to solve a PC problem. You get billed a call-out fee and an hour of his time, and then it takes less than a half an hour to resolve your IT problems. If your internet works and your PC is on, we will save you money. Our product suites are designed in such a way that on-site IT Support is a thing of the past, other than when a new machine has been purchased, or when your company is hit by a disaster. Taking this into consideration, our front-line support desk, who is dedicated to provide you with quick response time support, knows all our platforms from front to back. As we do use limited vendor platforms, it provides us with an edge over our competitors. We provide remote support packages to clients that use our products and to clients that need to be serviced remotely by a bunch of smart kids.

    Our Pricing Plans

    Monthly Remote Support

    Unlimited Support Hours

    Remote Server Support

    Cloud Anti-Virus

    Monthly Remote Support Hours


    Monthly Remote Support

    *Please select the option you want

    These hours are only valid on a month-to-month basis and cannot be carried over to the next month. These remote hours, on a monthly basis, are still more cost-effective than having to pay a call-out fee and an hour of support on-site.

    Hours Costs 15 min Increments
    2 R 800 8
    4 R 1 400 16
    6 R 2 000 24
    7 R 2 600 32
    10 R 3 200 40

    Capped Carry Over

    *Please select the option you want

    Our capped, use any month* remote support SLA. With this product, you purchase a bundle of hours and it remains valid for 12 months from the date purchased. If you don’t use your hours in the 12 month cycle it falls away. If there are hours remaining we will advise you before it expires and use them accordingly to optimize your equipment to make up the time.

    Hours Costs 15 min Increments
    2 R 600 8
    4 R 1 200 16
    6 R 1 800 24
    7 R 2 400 32
    10 R 3 000 40

    Unlimited Support Hours

    Use the service as many times as your company requires to be operational. Pay a fixed fee per user on a monthly basis for uncapped support.

    0 10 20 30 40 50
    R 0 R 175 R 160 R 150 R 140 R 120
    Total: R0

    How do I log a ticket?

    Send a mail to and a ticket will be generated for you.

    How is my usage monitored?

    Usage is monitored by ticket you logged with support, and once completed the increments to the support ticket is calculated. We are able to send you a monthly usage report on your increments.

    How quickly will I get support?

    We have a team of engineers available to assist you with your needs. Our maximum turnaround time is 30min.

    Remote Server Support

    No more requirements to pay Level 300 Technical support hourly rates to solve or help solve any issues from Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, IIS or anything related to Windows Servers. We also provide support for Linux solutions.

    Our in-house engineers have years of experience on different size projects and deployments and will be able to assist with your Server support requirements.

    Why pay for a full hour of support, if it only took us 30 minutes to resolve it?

    Hosted Server client
    A client with a Hosted Server with another hoster
    Clients with On-Premise Servers
    Hours Costs 30 min Increments
    2 R 800 4
    4 R 1 600 8
    6 R 2 400 12
    7 R 2 800 14
    10 R 4 000 20

    Cloud Anti-Virus

    We provide a managed anti-virus solution using ESET for Cloud Servers that we provide or to clients hosted somewhere else.

    ESET Anti- Virus per month
    R 28
    • Policies are managed centrally (exclusions and scanning policies)
    • Activity reports (virus cleaned, etc.)

    Break-Down of Costs

    *Please make sure your order is correct
    Description Price
    Monthly Remote Support Hours  
    None Selected R 0.00
    Unlimited Support Hours  
    None Selected R 0.00
    Remote Server Support  
    None Selected R 0.00
    Cloud Anti-Virus  
    Not Selected R 0.00
    Total: R 0.00

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