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    Online File Storage/Sharing

    Online file sharing is a term that can be loosely applied to a variety of internet file storage and sharing solutions: including file hosting, file sharing websites, and file sharing programs. It allows businesses to give employees flexible and convenient access to professional files from a variety of locations and devices, making collaboration and expansion easier than ever. This business data solution is very popular today, but companies sometimes have difficulty finding a way to implement it securely.

    When sharing files online, you place the security and control of your data in the hands of a third party. This allows your data to be uploaded and downloaded outside of your own firewalls and IT department protection. If your files are not sensitive in nature, then this may pose no problem at all. However, most professionals have a need to share and store more sensitive files safely and in accordance with laws governing customer information.

    We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) for sending and receiving files over the network so they are encrypted during transmission from your devices. TLS is a protocol that ensures privacy between communicating applications and their users on the Internet. Technolutions File Share Service supports HTTPS and offers server-side encryption; our Servers automatically generate a 4096-bit strong private/public key-pair for each user.

    Technolutions Business File Sharing Service with versioning puts the control and security of your own data back into your hands. Gone are the days of having an on-premise file server with versioning and proper permission structures, now you have your own instance of a collaborated server that stores all this information for you. These services are used to share with others, to send and receive emails, store address books, play music and video, and have your files available on any device you want. If you laptop of desktop gets stolen, you just reload the Cloud and re-sync - no need to wonder where your data is, as you know exactly where it is.

    We are committed to building secure environments; the Web Portal is a Multi-Tenant Interface. For customers that utilize our Hosted Exchange Platform, we can provide Single Sign-On Authentication.

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