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Online Backups

With online backups, you always have a backup, whatever happens. Every day, your backup is created automatically and immediately stored safely outside your home and/or business. Your data is automatically encrypted before it is sent over your secure internet connection. The data remains encrypted once stored: this is your data, only for you to read. Even after fire or burglary, you can easily retrieve your data at the click of a button. The online backup runs quietly in the background, so you don’t have to worry about it, but it can also provide you with extensive statistics if required. After each backup, you may request a comprehensive report of the backup job. You can determine at which time of the day the backup is made, so your productivity is unaffected. Making your backups online gives you peace of mind; you will no longer have to worry about backing up your data and the safety of your backup media, as we will take care of this.

Supported Platforms






Key Benefits


Cloud backups are extremely reliable. Due to it being stored in a cloud environment, redundant drives compensate for possible hardware corruption and facilitate improved data integrity.

  • Reliable
  • We have full control over the platform in our Data Center
  • Upload speeds are limited to your connection
  • Unlimited Versioning
  • Web-based Admin Console
  • Quick and reliable data retrieval and restoration, minimizing downtime
  • AES 256-level encryption – No one can see your data
  • One-time backup encryption key – If lost, it is unrecoverable by us. You control your data
  • Data is encrypted during transmission across the internet and when that data is at rest it is on the platform
  • In file Delta – You can backup your Outlook (PST) files
  • Restore Anywhere – No old machine name or activation code required
  • If your hardware failed on-site we can provide you with a VPS server to restore your data and continue your day-to-day work until you have replaced your hardware.
SIZE 3 000gb 2 0000gb 1 500gb 1 000gb 500gb 200gb 100gb 50gb 20gb
USERS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 20 15 10 10 2 1
PRICE R3 000 R2 000 R1 500 R1 000 R 500 R 200 R 100 R 50 R 20

NAS Backups – Synology Ready

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Dedicated NAS device

  • You manage yourself
  • You pay a set fee for data transfer
  • You pay for Rackspace (1U 4 bay unit)
  • Fixed transfer fee
  • Public IP
  • Virtual Firewall
Description Price
Rackspace R 699
Public IP R 75
Virtual Firewall R 399
Unlimited Data Transfer R 1 599

Break-Down of Costs

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Description Price
Online Backup Package  
None Selected R 0.00
NAS Backups – Synology Ready  
None Selected R 0.00

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