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    Off-Site NAS and Virtualization

    Most SME’s today don’t have an expensive server and licensing solution on-site anymore; instead you will find that most have shared storage devices on their on-premise network. However, the majority of these SME’s will battle with the constraint of budgets when it comes to a full-blown off-site Disaster Recovery Solution. The desire for an off-site back-up and replication solution, which will not only present peace of mind, but also lessen the blow of a fatal hardware failure or theft that would otherwise cause a substantial business impact. With Technolutions ENAAS (Extended Network as a Service) solution, you are able you use our “Hardware as a Service” platform to provide continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions. Supported technologies included VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V.

    What is ENAAS?

    Extend Your Network as a Service, or ENAAS, is where Technolutions will make your off-site NAS Solution visible on your internal network in the event of your on-premise NAS Device failure.

    Our highly experienced team will assist with the implementation and security setup of our ENAAS solution. As connectivity is key to the solution, we will provide you with the correct uncapped fibre or wireless connectivity into our core to achieve your Recovery Time Objective (RTO), and based on your Recovery Point Objective (RPO), we are able to ensure maximum recovery over our 1 Gbps core network.

    If, and when, the Disaster Recovery Site is required, it will have the same functionality as if it’s on your network. You will be able to restore the servers you have lost, and work on them at the same time.


    • Ransomware-proof: your mind will be set at ease if you're hit by one of these disasters
    • Enterprise hardware ensures quick recovery times
    • Availability of your Disaster Recovery Site on your internal network
    • Super-fast connectivity enables super-fast recovery
    • Continuous replication
    • Continuation of productivity while recovery process is happening


    • ENAAS Technology Implemented
    • Physical or Virtual Replication
    • 30-day retention of Virtual Replication Solutions
    • The ability to reach your off-site solution from out of the office
    • Continuous replication
    • Scheduled replication, which gives us the ability to roll back a couple of hours in case you have over-written a file or something as bad as ransomware hits your network

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