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    Hosted Pastel Server

    This service allows you to have the ability of storing and accessing your Pastel Accounting System in a Work from Anywhere environment. If you’re an outsourced accountant, or a company moving with the times, then hosting your accounting package on an off-site server is the way to go. This method allows you to have your own Pastel Partner Server as a Service in the Cloud.


    All you would need is a registered copy of Pastel Partner or Payroll, and we load it on your Virtual Private Server that you rent on a monthly basis – then you’re ready to go.

    Benefits of our Hosted Pastel Server

    • Purpose built solution
    • No installation costs. Support not included once handover of working server.
    • Access data from anywhere 24/7/365 (not dependent on one upstream/downstream)
    • Optional VPN architecture is available and recommended for more security
    • Secure Isolated Network (SVLAN, Secure Virtual Local Area Network)
    • 30-Day retention of Virtual Machine backups (if subscription includes backups)
    • Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 base operating system
    • Redundant Data Centre Connectivity
    • Solid State Drive Storage
    • We don’t charge for egress or ingress data usage
    • Connect with Windows Remote Desktop services for Windows or MAC
    • We implement the best possible security systems to protect your Hosted Pastel Server


    Sometimes we're all thinking the same thing. Before reaching out, take a look to see if your question hasn't already been asked (and answered). If you're still uncertain, send us a mail at or head to our contact page, and we'll be happy to clear things up.

    How does the service work on our desktops and laptops?
    • The solution is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and connects using Microsoft Remote Desktop which allows you to connect and create a session on the Pastel Server.
    What are the chances of data loss or data corruption of my Pastel data?
    • Data remains on the server with only user inputs that are sent over your internet connection to the server. This makes the chance of data loss or corruption less as there is not data moving between your desktop and the server.
    How do I print Invoices, PO's and Quotes?
    • Any printer with a network port or printer port will work. Alternatively there are USB-to-Network cards available to assist your printer if it is not networked.
    What connectivity is required to access the remote server?
    • We have clients with 10Mb ADSL, LTE and Fibre that connect to the server effortlessly.
    What security is in place?
    • We have state-of-the-art security systems and solutions in place in our network to protect you from any perimeter danger. All our equipment is in state-of-the-art data centers with all the security protocols in place.
    • If you require more information on this please e-mail
    How does billing work?
    • It’s based on the "software as a service" model with no fix-term contracts. If you would like to cancel a service you are required to do it before the 19th of the month.
    Why would I take this service?
    • There are so many benefits to the solution that it’s difficult not to take it. Benefits range from cost savings on server licensing and hardware, to backups and availability, and of course the ability to recover your server in a couple of minutes.
    Is there any difference between what I had in the office and having this in the cloud?
    • The look and feel is the same as a Windows 10 PC and your Pastel Partner/Express looks the same.
    When you install Pastel Partner/Express do you access to our data?
    • No. We install and register Pastel Partner/Express and make sure that the companies are accessible to the point they require a password.